Reserve TheFunArk for your
party, Camp, school or event!

Reserve TheFunArk for your
party, Camp,
school or event!

Bringing the Zoo to You: Where Learning Meets Adventure!

Educational Excellence

We're committed to making learning fun and engaging. We ensure that every visit is not just entertaining but also packed with valuable insights.

What We Do

We’ve transformed a simple idea into reality by creating a mobile zoo-themed adventure like no other. Our innovative concept allows us to bring the wonders of the animal kingdom, interactive exhibits, and thrilling jungle gym adventures directly to your school or event location. We’ve merged entertainment with education to create a unique and enriching experience that kids and adults alike will cherish.

Interactive Adventures

We believe in hands-on learning. Our interactive exhibits and jungle gym encourage kids to explore, ask questions, and learn through play.


Normally $613
Special offer $400 1 Hour Play on Bus (includes 1 instructor).

Normally $888
$650 1 Hour Play on Bus + Foam Bubble Bash outside of bus. (includes 2 instructors)

Pony Rides $400 hour for 2 ponies. Additional hour or additional 2 ponies $200

Petting Zoo $400 hour. Additional hour $250

Full Package $1650 /  $999

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